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Days Events

Just another day in Big Lewi's life yo. I woke up about 1, went to my aunts house and ate a fish dinner. Man it stunk like my girl but I went ahead and muched down since i figure i eat my girl out anyway. But after that i went down to my new job at the construction site. Sat around and looked at some good ass walking through there. Me and Steve Long got full fledgers looking at this new guy named Emilio, DAMN WHAT A FINEY!! After work i called my girl Fachina and man she was tappin dudes like Christmas. Then i finally just went back home played with my purple headed Ted Dibiase then hit the sack

P.S. Went to my grandma's tuesday and watched 2 porno's with her. She was eating some hard candy and started chokin on that shit once she caught a glimpse of John Holmes big sausage link. He does have one hell of a Bratwurst. Well take it easy
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