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Go 2 Hell Osama

Man I'll tell you what. Osama Bin Laden is going to get that ass kicked. I hope that turban head son of a bitch knows that he is messin with the best. I'm about to join the fuckin military so I can go over to the Afghan Land & choke his ass out myself. I'm sick of this OSAMA, YOUR ASS IS GONNA PAY DAMNIT!!!! But anyway back to personal matters I got fired today from Bern's. Thats some shit isn't it??? Fuckers seen Marianno grab my pack of rocks so they figured we were goofin around so they fired me, ME!!!!. Not him, I told his little faget ass that he better get me rehired up there or I'm gonna kick his faget ass. Ummmm I just started dating someone new today my special little lady Jenny, baby I love you!! She has to be the best girl to finger.I'm just glad that I got her away from Karl because he's nothin but a low down dirty piece of shit ya know?? Well I'm out ya'll, keep that head up and eyes wide open.
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