Ryan (lewis) wrote,

School Sucks!!!!

Im just sitting here thinking about going back to school. I honeslty hate school, but im a little scared to go out into tha real world. I will probably work at Bern's the rest of my life, thats the fuck of it. I hate Bern's with a passion, but Im sure I wouldnt be able to work anywhere else. I have been really thinking about my future a lot lately. With my herpes I seriously doubt I can find a women who loves me. And Marriano is married so I guess I can count him out as well. Ive been really depressed lately thinking about all this, and to top it all off, my tennis coach said I have been playing like shit lately and that if I didn't start playing how I used to he was gonna send me to the golf team, which would really suck because its my senior year!! I am playing poorly becuase my herpes have really been acting up lately and my mind is always on that instead of my tennis game. Well I have said enough, Im outta here.
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